Artist Bio

Abbey Andersen is an Oregon native, a traveler, and a whistlepig enthusiast who spends much of her time in search of the planet's finest produce and most beautiful landscapes. She holds a BA in studio art and creative writing from Humboldt State University, and currently finds artistic inspiration where high desert and mountain life collide along Colorado’s Western Slope. Her artwork is mostly inspired by nature things, funny things, and things she encounters whilst on her daily constitutionals.


Abbey likes to draw, hike, forage, swing dance, pluck her homemade ukulele, collect unusual foods for her cupboard, and brainstorm life around a dinner table with people who make her laugh.

From the Artist: Statement of Intent

"My goal as an illustrator is to illuminate the loveliness and whimsy surrounding us at all times by identifying the extraordinary qualities of the ordinary—the “little things.” I believe in improving our daily routines through humor and imagination, and reminding ourselves how splendid it is to celebrate, partake, and connect with our present setting.

One of my favorite ways to connect with a setting is by setting the table! The idea of the kitchen table and its adornments figures prominently in my work. In a world focused on fast-forward movement and The Next Thing, I am interested in slowing it all down and focusing on the resources we already have at our fingertips—
a rediscovery of our true capital.